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Our Team

Delia Harper-Celestine, Ed.D. M.P.H.
Associate Dean, Student Affairs

Jordan Mathis, M.S.
Director of Student Affairs

Natacha Villedrouin, Ed.D, M.S.
Director of Student Affairs, Tampa Bay Regional Campus

Suzette Siviter, M.P.A
Director of Career Advising

Diane Wilson-Dwyer, M.S., LMFT
Career Counseling Adviser

Elissa H. Brown, M.P.S.
Career Counseling Adviser

Audrey Cloum, M.S.
Career Counseling Adviser, Tampa Bay Regional Campus

Desiree Soto
Student Services Specialist II, Office of Student Affairs

Odanna Duverge
Administrative Assistant, Office of Student Affairs

Angelique Villedrouin
Student Services Coordinator II, Office of Student Affairs

Priscilla Carrillo
Student Services Coordinator II, Tampa Bay Regional Campus

Nora Jarmon
Student Services Specialist IV, Tampa Bay Regional Campus


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