Your Academic Journey Includes a Seamless Entry into Medical School

Be at the forefront of the most popular way to practice medicine by pursuing a master’s with a built-in pipeline into the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine program. Immerse yourself in all aspects of the medical school experience while building a strong foundation in the integrated medical sciences with the Master of Science in Foundational and Integrated Medical Sciences (M.S. F.I.M.S.) program from Nova Southeastern University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine. This unique program not only prepares you academically for entry into medical school, it reserves your seat in the Doctor of Osteopathic medicine (D.O.) program and better prepares you for your eventual transition into residency.

Master the unique combination of scientific knowledge and study skills foundational for success in preclinical coursework in medical school during the first year of the curriculum. Showcase your unique interests in medicine by choosing a concentration from six electives, within the disciplines of Couple and Family Therapy, Disaster and Emergency Management, Health Informatics, Medical Education, Nutrition or Public Health. Students who matriculate into the D.O. program at the conclusion of year one have the ability to finish their master’s coursework simultaneously with their D.O. classes. This affords you the opportunity to earn your medical degree and emerge from the program with a unique skillset that will set you apart as you apply for residency.

Join us and develop a strong, patient-focused mindset that will distinguish you as a future clinician with expert medical skills and a human touch.

The best part of our careers is providing students the opportunity to show that they can perform in medical school and then allowing them to matriculate and fulfill their dreams.

Dr. Christina Brown-Wujick, M.S. F.I.M.S. Program Director

Quick Facts


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Credits & Requirements

Earn your master’s degree in as little as two years. The M.S. in Foundational and Integrated Medical Sciences requires 36 total credits.

Application Deadlines

AACOMAS application due: January 15
PostBacCAS application due: June 15

*One, not both, of these applications is required for all M.S. F.I.M.S. applicants.

Delivery Options

The Foundational and Integrated Medical Sciences master’s program is offered on our Tampa campus and uses a flipped classroom model with asynchronous delivery platforms such as Canvas, Lecturio, and Complete Anatomy during Year 1 of the curriculum. Year 2 of the program can be completed online from Tampa or Davie.

NSU students in scrubs

Reserve Your Seat in NSU’s D.O. Program

Designed by the College of Osteopathic Medicine faculty members, NSU’s innovative Foundational and Integrated Medical Sciences master’s program is unique in that it offers direct entry into the D.O. program at two distinct points within the master’s program.

This direct entry can be attained by students upon completion of year one’s curriculum, or year two upon program completion, with a 500 or higher cumulative MCAT by May 1st and a 3.6 or higher program GPA. Students are also guaranteed an interview at the conclusion of both year one and year two, with a 500 or higher cumulative MCAT score by May 1st and a program GPA of 3.3-3.59. Every student who enters our M.S. F.I.M.S. program has a seat reserved just for them in the following fall’s D.O. class until they finish the year.

Why Prepare for Medical School in the M.S. F.I.M.S. Program?

Direct Entry into D.O.

Admission to NSU’s Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) program is guaranteed once you complete year one or year two with a cumulative 3.6 GPA or higher and required MCAT score, or pass the guaranteed D.O. admissions interview.

Medical School Immersion

Learn from the same faculty while studying, and enjoying college activities, alongside medical students on the brand-new Tampa Bay campus.

Faculty Focused on Your Success

Count on faculty members to support you through the entire M.S. F.I.M.S. That’s because they designed it with one goal in mind: your successful entry into medical school.

Students performing a procedure on medical dummy

Get the NSU Edge

As a student at NSU, you’re not just supported by faculty—you’re propelled forward. It’s part of the NSU Edge and what makes us all Sharks. You’ll benefit from a program that’s designed specifically for you to advance into medical school confident, competent, and ready to be a leader in your class and beyond.

About the NSU Edge

Learn More at a Virtual Open House

Our virtual open houses are your chance to ask specific questions and learn more about the M.S. F.I.M.S. program. Hosted on the Zoom platform, all open houses are free and require no reservations.

Upcoming Sessions:

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M.S. F.I.M.S. Curriculum

Master the fundamentals of medicine including anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, physiology, genetics, and immunology. Two courses focused on academic success will give you strategies for excelling during your future in medical school.

View Curriculum

Which Path Is Right for Me?

Four Year Track (D.O.) or Five/Six Year Track (M.S. F.I.M.S.)

Master of Science in Foundational and Integrated Medical Sciences

A full-time graduate program of study with 18 total credits over two semesters.


  • Direct entry into the D.O. program upon completion of the two-semester program
  • Enhanced prep for the basic biomedical sciences you will encounter during your first two years at any medical school

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)

The D.O. track is a professional degree that requires four years of study.

Doctoral program

  • Professional internships
  • Residencies
  • All medical, surgical, and obstetric specialties

Admission Requirements

Ready for the Next Step?

Great! The first step is to complete your application and submit supporting documents. You can choose to do this through one of the two application services: the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service (AACOMAS) or PostBacCAS.

Option One: The AACOMAS Application

NSU participates in the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service, which provides an interactive, web-based application that can be accessed through, for the receipt and processing of all applications. AACOMAS takes no part in the selection of students.

Go to the AACOMAS Application

Option Two:
The PostBacCAS Application

While this application option is acceptable for admission into the M.S. F.I.M.S., please note that you will need to fill out an AACOMAS application in order to matriculate into the D.O. program at a later date. PostBacCas takes no part in the selection of NSU students.

Go to the PostBacCAS Application

Complete your application

Choose from the AACOMAS or PostbacCAS application services.

Request your transcripts

Request transcripts be mailed to the AACOMAS or PostbacCAS by the registrars of all colleges and universities attended.

Preprofessional letters of recommendation

If a preprofessional committee does not exist, three letters of evaluation are necessary (two from science professors and one from a nonscience professor).

All letters should be signed on official letterhead and submitted directly through the application portal you chose.

Letter of recommendation from a physician (D.O. or M.D.)

This letter should be signed on official letterhead and submitted directly through the application portal you chose.

Part Two: NSU Online Secondary Application

Upon receipt of your completed application, NSU will forward to you an online secondary M.S. F.I.M.S. application. If you have questions about this or experience a delay in receiving the M.S. F.I.M.S. application, please contact Melissa Chamberlain (954) 262-1989 or

Helping a student with a application

Submitting Your Materials

Please mail all documents to:

Mailing Address (Domestic)

Nova Southeastern University Enrollment Processing Services (EPS)
College of Osteopathic Medicine
3301 College Avenue
P.O. Box 299000
Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33314-9905

Mailing Address (International)

For International Students:
Nova Southeastern University
Attn: Enrollment Processing Services
3301 College Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33329-9905

After Applying, What Happens Next?

If selected, you’ll receive an invitation by the Health Professions Division Admissions Office to schedule an interview. This personal interview is the next step and does not guarantee admission. Acceptance is on a “rolling” or periodic schedule, and you will receive decision notices via email and mail.

Interview Process

If you are selected for an interview, you will receive an email invitation from the Health Professions Division Admissions Office. A confirmation email will provide an agenda and other important information. Applicants may view their status at any time on the NSU Self-Service Banner (WebSTAR).

Interview Day
The candidate experience is a virtual half day and includes:

  • Meeting the College of Osteopathic admissions counselor
  • Information regarding the admissions committee decision process
  • An overview presentation of the curriculum, facilities, and student support
  • A private interview with a small team of faculty members

Still Have Questions? We're Here to Help.

Feel free to reach out to any of our admissions counselors or program directors listed below.

Melissa Chamberlain
Director of Graduate Admissions 

Jermila Claxton
Senior Associate Director

Yesenia G. Navas
Academic Program Coordinator

Christina Brown-Wujick
Director of the M.S. F.I.M.S. Program 

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