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Current Students

Collected here are several resources that will help you navigate the university and the College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Career Advising (CAN-DO)

Career Advising is provided for all NSU-KPCOM students (OMS-I- OMS-IV) to assist them in evaluating career options and applying to graduate medical education training programs through the Career Advisement, Networking, Development & Opportunities (CAN-DO) program for Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine.

Academic Advising

Academic Wellness is one aspect comprising your total well-being that you need to fully consider as you navigate through your academic journey. Often times students just starting out in medical school utilize study strategies from their undergraduate and/or high school years.

Wellness and Support

The Student Wellness Program is an initiative to assist students with their well-being- physical, emotional/spiritual, interpersonal, academic/professional, and environmental/community.


Students are randomly assigned to one of the ten societies upon matriculation and each society consists of 100 students from all four years of medical school, a Faculty Leader, two Academic Advisors, and several Faculty members.

Academics and Research
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