Make a Meaningful Impact on Your Community

Live the mission of the Nova Southeastern University Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine—become a compassionate health care professional by getting involved in service opportunities.

These real-world experiences are truly the best way for you to gain a deeper understanding of people’s needs, develop leadership skills, and grow as a person. Many of these programs are led by faculty and area professionals who are committed to making sure these outreach programs strengthen communities and provide you with an opportunity to make a difference.

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Dedicated to Serving the Underserved

NSU's College of Osteopathic Medicine is deeply rooted in the goal to provide compassionate and comprehensive health care to rural and underserved communities, both locally, nationally, and internationally.

Students are given the opportunity to participate in medical outreach programs that are true life-changing learning experiences. From checking in on local senior citizens to traveling to underdeveloped countries to helping run clinics, you’ll be exposed to people from all walks of life, which will help you gain a distinctive understanding of their different needs.

Professional Training

EMS Education and Training

Learn lifesaving care at this American Heart Association (AHA) training center.

HAZMAT Health and Safety Training

Understand the latest health and safety measures in relation to hazardous waste and materials.

Affiliated Training Programs

Get connected to fellowships and residencies sponsored by local health care institutions.
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AIM-High Medical School Camp for Teens

Led by current students and faculty, Achieve In Medicine (AIM-High) is a summer camp for area high school students who are interested in pursuing careers in health professions.

This five-day immersion gives high schoolers an inside look at medical school, with hands-on experience, exposure to emerging technologies, and certification in first aid and CPR.

The AIM-High team also participates in a rewarding community service project, social activities, and more.

Learn More about AIM-High

International Medical Service Programs

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Gain experiences that will shape you professionally and personally through NSU's College of Osteopathic Medicine’s international outreach programs. You’ll join other students, faculty, and volunteer medical staff on trips to parts of the world that need comprehensive care the most.

Most of the programs are designed to establish long-term relationships that allow us to revisit multiple times over several years until the community can establish and maintain independent medical care. Current host countries include Vietnam, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, and Jamaica.
NSU offers one- and two-week medical outreach trips for volunteer physicians, nurses, medical students, and other medical and nonmedical individuals. Students of other disciplines are also allowed to participate, as each outreach trip allows. We provide medical assistance in areas where health care is limited or difficult to obtain, and we establish partnerships with the local clinics.

Learn more about upcoming trips and how to get involved.
Experience medicine and health care systems in a whole new light through one of the international clinical rotation opportunities available to NSU Osteopathic Medicine students. You’ll study under doctors and directors, meet patients from different walks of life, and gain a deeper understanding of compassionate care.

Learn more and apply for International Medical Rotations.
Connect with South Florida’s Caribbean community through the Caribbean Diaspora Health Nutrition Outreach Project, which provides educational communication campaigns to combat obesity and related diseases and advance the health of the Caribbean population in South Florida.

Learn more about the Caribbean Health Initiative.

I loved learning how the medical curriculum in Portugal follows that of America during my international rotation. Most importantly, I validated something I learned a long time ago and have always known to be true in my travels: even though we speak different languages, the language of humanity and compassion remains the same through different cultures and countries.

Romeena Lee | D.O. Student
Romeena Lee

Elder Community Connections

From learning alongside senior citizens at one of NSU’s most long-standing community enrichment programs to volunteering at nearby senior living centers, you can find ways to serve, support, and strengthen the lives of South Florida’s large elder population.

Join retired locals along with other students, faculty, and staff for field trips and lectures in this vibrant community learning program. Founded in 1977, the Lifelong Learning Institute aligns with NSU’s mission of supporting individuals who enjoy the challenge and enriching experience of learning new things, no matter how old.

See what’s coming up at the Lifelong Learning Institute.

Children and Teen Outreach Opportunities

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Help ease the fears children may have about visiting a doctor with this interactive service program. You’ll visit with small kids (grades K-2) and let them get comfortable with basic tools like a stethoscope, and teach them how doctors help them stay healthy.

Learn more about DOctor's Bag
Show the next generation of medical students a preview of how clinics are run. This program is designed for high schoolers (grades 9-12) and gives them access to hands-on learning with state-of-the-art tools.

See examples of clinics and learn more.

More Ways to Get Involved

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Find volunteer and outreach programs with a health care focus and lots of heart with these additional community wellness programs.
Participate in providing essential health care to the underserved communities in South Florida and beyond. You’ll learn the unique needs of these populations, an experience that will serve you well both as a person and as a future leader in health care.

Explore medical outreach opportunities.

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