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SGA Executive Leaders


Our Mission: The NSU D.O. Student Government Association aims to provide all students with an enhanced experience of learning and growth BEYOND the classroom. This includes involvement in clubs and organizations, leadership opportunities, exposure to established health professionals, as well as volunteer opportunities and wellness initiatives. With this aim and the opportunities we provide, we strive to cultivate well-rounded student leaders of medicine.

Student Government Association - Fort Lauderdale Executive Board
President Aja Erskine, OMS-III
President-Elect Marissa McPhail, OMS-II
Treasurer Dong Won (Luke) Lee, OMS-II
Parliamentarian Andrew Gunthner, OMS-II
Administrator of Public Affairs Shreya Kalavala, OMS-II
Immediate Past President Nishad Mysore, OMS-IV 
Student Government Association - Tampa Bay Executive Board
President Andrew Clifford, OMS-III
President-Elect Emily Thach, OMS-II
Treasurer Chamonix Michaud, OMS-II
Parliamentarian Mai-Linh Nguyen, OMS-II
Administrator of Public Affairs Nikita Sood, OMS-II
Immediate Past President Zubiya Syed, OMS-IV 
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