Stay One Step Ahead of Shifting Medical Models 

When you study at the NSU College of Osteopathic Medicine, you’re not just a student, you’re a Shark—smart, adaptable, and ready to dominate your own future. You’ll be immersed in an interprofessional setting, giving you a clear understanding of how the different disciplines work together.

Real-world, clinical experience and service learning help you craft a vision—and build the necessary skill set—to transform the future of health care and provide easier access to high-quality care for patients from all walks of life, including the underserved.

Advance Human Health with Compassionate Care

Master both the scientific side of health care and the humanitarian side. At the core of everything you do during your time at the NSU College of Osteopathic Medicine, from practicums to research projects, you’ll learn how to treat the entire person and not just the symptoms. Graduate a patient-first professional ready to practice with care and concern for each individual you serve.

“NSU takes a skills-based, customer-focused approach to its graduate curriculum to help our students acquire the timely and relevant qualities that top organizations in our field are seeking today.”

Hal Wiggin, Ed.D. | Associate professor

Fast Facts


For external funding at NSU; the College of Osteopathic Medicine leads the way in research and scholarly activity


Prestigious centers and institutes provide vital training and community support


Internships, residencies, and fellowships provided through the Consortium for Excellence in Medical Education

Do More with a Doctorate

Become a compassionate, competent medical leader with a doctoral degree from the NSU College of Osteopathic Medicine. From the fast-growing osteopathic track to two family therapy doctorates, you’ll get real-world experience such as clinical rotations, interprofessional service-learning opportunities, and access to a vast network of industry partners.

Explore Doctoral and Professional Degrees

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Affordable Achievements

NSU and the College of Osteopathic Medicine offer countless ways to fund your future through scholarships, awards and more.

Rotations to Residencies

Get matched up with more than 1,000 opportunities for internships, residencies, and fellowships through the Consortium for Excellence in Medical Education.

Real-World Experiences

Gain a deep understanding of the health care needs that face all cultures and communities with life-changing outreach opportunities.
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Get to Your Future Career Faster with a Master’s Degree

Get the competitive edge only an advanced degree from the NSU College of Osteopathic Medicine can give. With six specialties to choose from, find the path to your future in health care here. And with a fast track to graduation, faculty committed to your success, and access to extensive resources, your career goals will be within reach sooner.

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The NSU Edge in Numbers

3-Month Rotation

Every D.O. candidate completes a rural, clinical rotation to treat patients from diverse settings, cultures and backgrounds.

13: 1

Prestigious centers and institutes provide vital training and community support.

Almost 50%

Of the college's total student population is comprised of ethnic minorities.

Medical School Prep That Guarantees Success

Get the academic and clinical preparation you need to successfully enter medical school with the Master of Science in Foundational and Integrated Medical Sciences (M.S. F.I.M.S.). With faculty focused on your success and full immersion into the Doctor of Osteopathic (D.O.) program, you’ll have the support you need to propel forward confidently. But this isn’t just a prep course, it’s a direct path. When you complete the M.S. F.I.M.S. program with at least a 3.6 GPA, you will automatically be admitted into the D.O. doctoral degree program at NSU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Medical School Prep That Guarantees Success

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