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Dr. Ioana Scripa represents the Department of Nutrition at a professional conference.

Department of Nutrition

As one of the newest academic units within the Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine, the department was charged with enhancing the curriculum for osteopathic medical students and serving the college to promote a holistic approach to wellness through nutrition.

There is a well-documented pandemic of malnutrition as a result of many influencing factors such as physical illness, behavioral choices, genetics, health literacy, and socioeconomic burden. The landscape and dynamics of proper nutritional care are extremely complex, but one significant factor in both is the role of medical management. Doctors have a unique position in society from which to influence this scenario at global, public and personal levels.

Advancements in nutritional science and evidence-based guidelines are frequently changing, especially as health care moves towards prevention. Our vision includes a comprehensive approach to training future physicians who make nutrition a priority in practice.

Our Goal

The faculty and staff of the Department of Nutrition collectively strive to advance nutrition as the foundation of health and wellness.

This effort includes a variety of engagement activities to improve the health of patients and to assist in the training of highly qualified and compassionate health care providers. It is successful in achieving this goal through participation in educational activities as well as mentoring and role modeling for students. The department supports faculty development events and provides opportunities for professional advancement, generates research and scholarly activities for its members, and participates in domestic and international outreach events and other philanthropic activities. Moreover, the members of the Department are active in the work of the college through committees, strategic initiatives and university networks.

Academic Activities

Members of the Department of Nutrition are involved in the college and interact with all students of the College of Osteopathic Medicine and Nova Southeastern University, which include undergraduate, graduate and professional programs. They play an active role in student mentoring and development, creative educational programs, medical outreach events and philanthropic activities, as well as student organizations and activities. The members of the department provide classroom instruction, small group facilitation, and are active in curriculum development and student evaluation. Faculty are active leaders in professional organizations that advance the science and practice of nutrition and advocate for the profession.

Our faculty actively leads the development and delivery of:

  • COM 5005: Basics of Nutrition (10-hour course in OMS Year 1)
  • Academic lectures in clinical blocks for osteopathic medical students
  • OMS 1 Wellness lectures in nutrition
  • Supplemental instruction OMS 3 Core Rotations in Ambulatory Pediatrics
  • Master of Science in Nutrition degree program
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition degree program
  • Interprofessional education events
  • Invited lectures and journal club presentations
  • Grant preparation and external funding opportunities
  • Community collaborations
  • Research mentoring; consultation on grants and student projects
  • UNIV 1000 First-Year Seminar faculty leadership
  • Student advising and club support
  • Wellness outreach
  • Professional service opportunities

Clinical Care

Faculty members are well-qualified, licensed providers who deliver clinical nutrition services as part of the health care team. The scope of services offered includes student health, employee wellness, healthy weight goals, athletics and sports medicine, pediatric feeding disorders, and general medical nutrition therapy.

The schedule an appointment for nutrition counseling by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist contact: (954) 262-2399 or visit our dedicated webpage for more information on the services provided.

Department Contact

We welcome collaboration!

The Department of Nutrition is physically located in the Marilyn Segal Center, 7600 SW 36th Street, Building 200, Room 2278. The building can be reached by walking from the Public Safety Building. Feel free to make an appointment with one of our faculty members by emailing

Department Chair: Stephanie N. Petrosky, D.C.N., M.H.A., RDN, LDN, FAND or (954) 262-1597.


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