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Curriculum Requirements

Attention: Starting immediately, Graduate Certificates will no longer be available. Enrolled students can either complete their existing certificate programs or consult with their advisor to explore the possibility of transitioning into a master's degree program.

The Graduate Certificate Program in Solution Focused Coaching is a 15 credit hour program (five courses). Students who decide to continue their studies may be able to apply some of these credit hours toward the M.S., Ph.D., or D.M.F.T. in Family Therapy, if accepted into the program.

SFTM 5310 - Introduction to Systems Theories (3 credits)

Presents an overview of theories that use metaphors of system, pattern, interaction, and communication to describe human behavior and relationships, with an emphasis on cybernetics. 

SFTM 6333 - Theories of Personality and Psychopathology (3 credits)

Reviews the major theories of personality and psychopathology, emphasizing psychiatric diagnostic classification systems. Focuses on the study of implications for treatment and comparisons with interactional approaches.

SFTM 5335 - Human Development Across the Life Cycle (3 credits)

Human Development covers the stages of the individual life cycle, and of the family life cycle, in cultural context. The interplay of individual development, unique individual difference, culture, socioeconomic context, and family context, will be considered and integrated with major models of family therapy. Therapy techniques appropriate for each stage of development will be explored. 

SFTM 5361 - Developing a Private Practice in Coaching and Therapy (3 credits)

This course examines applications of family therapy methods and ideas in private practice settings. The course will prepare students to develop a private practice as a marriage and family therapist, as a career/college/health and wellness coach, or both, depending on previous background and additional coursework. Students will learn the basics of developing a referral base, understanding managed care and insurance systems, and developing workshops and community outreach. The ethics of private practice and the need for practitioner self care will also be stressed. This course will be useful for those planning a private practice career as all or part of their professional journey.

SFTM 5362 - Solution Focused Coaching (3 credits)

This course prepares the student for professional practice as a solution focused coach. In this course, the distinctions between therapy, education, and coaching are clearly presented, and the student learns basic skills and approaches to solution focused coaching. Students will also be educated on specializations in career, college, health and wellness, and other specific types of coaching practice.

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