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Osteopathic medical students work together in the Department of Family Medicine

Family Medicine

Family Medicine encompasses the entire spectrum of health care for patients of all ages through a holistic approach to each individual patient. The specialty believes that its role is to advocate for its patients health care needs and to utilize the entire health care team to advance the wellness of it patients. The profession places emphasis on wellness, disease prevention and health promotion, and education of the patient so they may be an active participant in their own care and respect for the individual regardless of cultural or social differences.

The members of the department participate in the development and instruction of all academic courses of the COM, especially those of a clinical nature. The department provides preclinical and clinical training for medical students and family medicine residents at the college and its affiliated clinical sites. Members of the Family Medicine department actively practice osteopathic medicine at university-owned clinics and affiliated hospitals to deliver high quality patient care and to support the clinical education of our students and residents.

Members of the Department of Family Medicine are actively involved in the College and interact with all the students of the College of Osteopathic Medicine. They play an active role in student mentoring and development, are prominent in the sponsoring of educational programs, medical outreach events and philanthropic activities, as well as student organizations and activities. The members of the department provide classroom instruction, small group facilitation, and are active in curriculum development and student evaluation. Its members are active in professional organizations that advance the science and practice of osteopathic medicine, advocate for the profession, the specialty and it patients.

The Family Medicine department strives to improve the delivery of health care for its patients of today and tomorrow through research and scholarly participation with other members of the medical and educational community. In addition, many faculty members are active in community, social, religious and government programs.

It is the mission of the department to provide outstanding osteopathic medical education for its students and residents, to refine and advance the skills and knowledge of it faculty, and to advance and promote the specialty of Family Medicine through the teaching of essential competencies and skills needed to provide high quality health care for all our patients.

Department Goal

The Department of Family Medicine strives to improve the health of all patients and to assist in the training of highly qualified and compassionate osteopathic family physicians. It is successful in achieving this goal through its participation in educational activities as well as mentoring and role modeling for osteopathic medical students and resident physicians. The Department highly supports participation in faculty development events and provides opportunities for professional advancement, supports research and scholarly activities of its members, and encourages participation in domestic and international medical outreach events and other philanthropic activities.

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