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Knowledge of surgery, surgical indications and surgical contraindications is essential for the competent practice of Osteopathic Medicine. The Department of Surgery closely partners with all areas of clinical instruction of all academic courses and programs of a clinical nature in the College of Osteopathic Medicine. This is most evident in the systems courses, which provide for an integration of clinical content from all medical disciplines within a physiologic instructional format (e.g. cardiovascular system, nervous system, genitor-urinary system, etc.). This approach allows students to be exposed to the key basic didactic concepts of surgery. The Department of Surgery is closely involved with small group courses to expose the student to surgical thought processes. A procedures course is designed to introduce the pre-clinical student to various surgical techniques prior to their rotations.

Students, during their clinical years, participate in a mandatory two-month clerkship in surgery integrated through and overseen by the Department of Surgery. The Department of Surgery is also responsible for identifying and assisting college affiliated sites in the development of postgraduate programs.

The Department of Surgery and its faculty are involved in all areas of the training of an Osteopathic Physician and attempts to create a stimulating environment which advances superb teaching, excellent research and outstanding patient care.

The Department of Surgery understands fully that it serves as a role model for the future practitioners of Osteopathic Medicine. Because of this the Department of Surgery constantly strives for academic excellence in all student, post-graduate, and continuing medical education programs. The Department aggressively addresses the individual academic needs of the students and practitioners and therefore the faculty is available to students and physicians.

Mission Statement and Goals

The Department of Surgery is a dynamic innovative Department dedicated to providing high quality surgical training to students, post-graduates and in continuing medical education. The Department of Surgery prepares students for lifelong learning and leadership roles in the field. The Department of Surgery shares in the College of Osteopathic Medicine's and the Health Professions Division's rich learning resources, innovative learning systems and the philosophy that inquiry, research, professional development, and clinical knowledge lead to outstanding performance in the practice of Osteopathic Medicine and the practice of the art and science of surgery.

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