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Certificate in Health Professions Preparation Curriculum

Required Courses—Class of 2023

This is a full-time graduate program of study with 18 total credits over 2 semesters.

Required Courses Semester 1 (9 credit hours):
Course No. Course Name Credits Hours
PBC 9101 Anatomy I 2 Credits
PBC 9201 Physiology I 2 Credits
PBC 9300 Genetics 2 Credits
PBC 9400 Biochemistry 2 Credits
PBC 9501 Strategies for Academic Success I 1 Credit
Required Courses Semester 2 (9 credit hours):
Course No. Course Name Credits Hours
PBC 9102 Anatomy II 2 Credits
PBC 9202 Physiology II 2 Credits
PBC 9600 Microbiology 2 Credits
PBC 9700 Immunology 2 Credits
PBC 9502 Strategies for Academic Success II 1 Credit
All students in the C.H.P.P. Program, as well as in the D.O. program, are enrolled in Academic Societies whose aim is to encourage friendship, mentorship, and extracurricular opportunities outside of the classroom. All societies are sponsored by individuals who have taken a special interest in KPCOM students and their educational outcomes. Students in the C.H.P.P. program are currently assigned to the Wallace-Ross Society. More information on the Wallace-Ross family is provided below.

The Wallace-Ross family has been firmly dedicated to NSU for over two decades. Dr. Elaine Wallace has worked for NSU for over two decades in teaching and administrative capacities and is presently in her fourth master’s degree from the Fischler College of Education and Criminal Justice. She currently serves as the dean of KPCOM. The post baccalaureate program was conceived of and originated by Dr. Wallace. Dr. Jill Wallace-Ross attended NSU DO program from 2003 to 2007, where she served as President of her class and later was co-chief resident at a KPCOM affiliated residency. Dr. Wallace-Ross completed a master’s degree in education from KPCOM and has worked for NSU since completion of her residency . All three of the Wallace Ross children are graduates of Mailman Segal Institute at NSU and are all currently enrolled in NSU University School. Both Dr. Wallace and Dr. Wallace-Ross are leaders in the college’s medical outreach programs and are recognized teachers of excellence and respected administrators.

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Other questions related to the application process can be answered by one of our admissions counselors.

Jermila Claxton, Admissions Counselor:

Melissa Chamberlain, Director of Graduate Admissions:

Christina Brown-Wujick, Assistant Professor and Director of the CHPP Program:

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