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Salary & Benefits

NSU-KPCOM is committed to offering a competitive salary and benefits package to residents/fellows in keeping with the ACGME-accreditation requirements and the NSU Office of Human Resources.

Salary (Effective Academic Year 2023-2024):

  • PGY 1 $59,638
  • PGY 2 $61,911
  • PGY 3 $64,183
  • PGY 4 $66,749 
  • PGY 5 $69,419

*Salary amount represents a 4.5% increase from 2022-2023, higher than the recognized Cost of Living Increase to account for the cost of meals while on duty.

Fellowship Salary (Effective Academic Year 2023-2024):

Sports Medicine Fellowship Year 1 $62,000

Correctional Medicine Fellowship Year 1 $66,749

Payment to residents/fellows shall be in accordance with Nova Southeastern University’s regular payroll and expense reimbursement protocols.

Chief Resident Stipend:

$2,000 per contract year.

Licensure & National Board Exam (COMLEX Level 3 or USMLE Step 3):

Residents are reimbursed for the costs of the application and activation fees for Florida state medical licensure training permit (required of each resident to begin training).

Residents are also reimbursed for the testing fee and cost of one board examination – either the COMLEX Level 3 or the USMLE Step 3.

Leave of Absence, Sick Leave, Personal Leave, and Vacation (Paid Time Off – PTO):

Residents/Fellows are allowed up to 27 days of leave time (including vacation, sick time, maternity/paternity leave, etc.) during each training year. An additional week away from training is allowed for approved Continuing Medical Education.

  • Sick Leave – up to five days per year.
  • Vacation Leave – up to 15 days of vacation are advanced for PGY1’s. Up to 22 days of vacation are advanced for PGY2-4’s.
  • Continuing Medical Education Days – up to five per academic year.

Unused days at the end of each academic year do not roll over to the following year.

Residents/Fellows are allowed up to an additional six weeks of time away from training for purposes of parental, caregiver, and medical leave once during training, without exhausting all other allowed time away from training and without extending training. The program director and the program clinical competency committee will determine whether a given resident has met training requirements or must extend their period of training because of additional leave time.

Note: Some ACGME specialty-specific program accreditation requirements limit a resident’s/fellow’s time away from training. If the allotted time away from training is less than the number of NSU allowed vacation days, the residents/fellows will be limited to the time allotted by ACGME for accreditation purposes. This will be noted in the KPCOM program specific handbook.


The University shall, at its own expense, add the resident/fellow as a participant under the University’s professional liability program, which shall provide a minimum of one million dollars per incident, three million dollars aggregate on an occurrence basis with no deductible by the resident.

Coverage shall not be available under the University’s professional liability program for services performed by the resident/fellow outside of assigned Program activities (e.g., when the resident/fellow is moonlighting, no coverage is afforded under the University’s professional liability program).

Employee Benefits:

The following benefits are available to all residents/fellows in accordance with current Personnel Policies of the University:

  • Access to Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance and Flexible Spending Plans (HealthCare and Dependent Care) starting the 1st day of employment.
  • Free Group Life Insurance and Long-term and Short-term disability after 3 months of employment with 100% of annual premium paid by NSU.
  • Access to the NSU Employee Assistance Program, confidential counseling services, consistent with such benefits offered to University employees in the “faculty and senior administrators” job category.

On-Call Rooms:

Resident/fellow will be entitled to utilize the designated on-call rooms provided by the training site when on-call.


Residents will have access to the training site’s cafeteria/food service while on duty.

White Coats:

Two (2) Lab coats will be provided during the first year of training.

Continuing Medical Education & Dues/Subscriptions/Conference Expenses:

Residents/fellows are allotted funds every year to cover air/car travel, registration, and meals, and/or for books, board prep materials or other educational expenses and up to five days (PTO) per academic year to attend professional conferences.

  • PGY 1 $1,000
  • PGY 2 $1,500
  • PGY 3 & 4 $2,000

Unspent monies do not carry forward to the following year.

Additional benefits may be available based on the training program and/or training location. These program-level benefits will be delineated in each Program Handbook..

  • Psychiatry Residency – Orlando: Each resident receives a VA laptop, VA cell phone, and FPS & APA membership.
  • Psychiatry Residency – Bay Pines: Each resident receives a VA laptop and FPS and APA memberships.
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