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Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics


Tackle health care's data challenges with Nova Southeastern University's Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics. Rising costs, security, and data volumes demand skilled professionals. Our program equips you with real-world technology to manage health data, improve quality, and navigate privacy issues. Learn about electronic health records, data analysis, and health IT systems. Apply your knowledge through an internship and gain an edge in this growing field.

Students are required to complete 30 credit hours as part of the General Education Program and 30 additional credit hours with open electives. In addition, freshman are required to successfully complete First-Year Semester (UNIV 1000) in their first semester at NSU (63 credits).

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BSHI 1001 Principles of Health Informatics (3 Credits)

BSHI 1002 Overview of the U.S. Health Care System (3 Credits)

BSHI 2001 Principles of Health Care Quality (3 Credits)

BSHI 2002 Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Informatics (3 Credits) or

BSHI 2002H Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Informatics (3 credits)

BSHI 3001 Electronic Health Records (3 Credits)

BSHI 3002 Health Informatics Security (3 Credits)

BSHI 3005 Health Informatics Seminar (3 Credits)

TECH 1110 Technology in the Information Age (3 Credits)

TECH 2010 Excel at Spreadsheets (3 Credits)

TECH 2020 Programming for Everyone (3 Credits)

TECH 3100 Data Science (3 Credits)

BSHI 4007 Health Informatics Practicum I (3 Credits)

BSHI 4008 Health Informatics Practicum II (3 Credits)

Choose six from the following:

BSHI 2004 Health Information Exchange (3 Credits)

BSHI 2006 Principles of Management and Leadership in Health Care Organizations (3 Credits)

BSHI 2008 Principles of Health Information Technology Governance (3 Credits)

BSHI 2010 Principles of Project Management in Health Care (3 Credits)

BSHI 3003 Special Topics in Health Informatics (3 Credits)

BSHI 3004 Bioinformatics (3 Credits)

BSHI 3006 Public Health Informatics (3 Credits)

BSHI 4004 Health Informatics Research Methods (3 Credits)

BSHI 4006 Independent Study in Health Informatics (1, 2, or 3 Credits)

CSIS 2000 Introduction to Database Systems (3 Credits)

CSIS 2101 Fundamentals of Computer Programming (4 Credits)

CSIS 3020 Web Programming and Design (3 Credits)

CSIS 3500 Networks and Data Communication (3 Credits)

CSIS 4010 Computer Security (3 Credits)

CSIS 4311 Web Services (3 Credits)

CSIS 4351 Human Computer Interaction (3 Credits)

Students are required to take 18 credits of major electives, of which 6 credits may be taken from the Bachelor of Science in Public Health, the Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition, and/or the Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Coaching.

KPCOM’s Health Informatics Minor provides a strong foundational knowledge and skills in Health Informatics. The interprofessional experiences of KPCOM faculty offer students a realistic look into the benefits, rewards, and challenges of Health Informatics and HIT related professions.

Bachelor of Science Health Informatics Minor Requirements (18 Credits)

Course Number Course Credits
BSHI 1001 Principles of Health Informatics 3
BSHI 1002 Overview of the U.S. Health Care System 3
BSHI 2001 Principles of Health Care Quality 3
BSHI 2002 or
BSHI 2002H
Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Informatics 3
TECH 2010 Excel at Spreadsheets 3
TECH 3100 Data Science 3
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