Program mission: 

The mission of the Master of Science degree program is to develop a cadre of interprofessional nutrition and dietetics leaders for a global society that will have the knowledge and skills to respond to a dynamic and changing system of care.

The program will emphasize:

Core Courses:

NUT 5120 - Nutrition Advocacy and Interprofessional Leadership

NUT 5130 - Nutrition Counseling 

NUT 5200 - Nutritional Biochemistry

NUT 6200 - Evidence-based Outcomes Research in Nutrition

NUT 6400 - Nutritional Assessment and Medical Nutrition Therapy 

NUT 6800 – Special Project I (Individual community-based or research project led by student)

NUT 6801 - Special Project II 

In addition to 7 required courses, students may choose a generalist course of study (21 elective credits) or optional concentrations in community nutrition, sports nutrition, or functional nutrition and herbal therapy to complete the degree requirements.

Optional Concentrations: 

Community Nutrition (21 Credits)

NUT 5110 - Foundations of Community Nutrition

NUT 5400 - Psychology of Eating

NUT 5500 - Health Disparities/Health Literacy

NUT 5600 - Models of Health Behavior

Plus 3 additional Elective Courses

Sport Nutrition (21 Credits)

NUT 5050 - Nutrition and Exercise Performance 

NUT 5060 - Strength and Conditioning for Nutrition Professionals

NUT 6100 - Wellness and Weight Management

NUT 6700 - Advanced Sports Nutrition

Plus 3 additional Elective Courses

Functional Nutrition and Herbal Therapy (21 credits) 

NUT 5070 - Introduction to Functional Nutrition and Herbal Therapy

NUT5300 - FNHT Principles 1: Gastrointestinal, Pancreatic, Liver and Gallbladder Systems

NUT 5310 - FNHT Principles 2: Endocrine, Immune, and Nervous Systems

NUT 5320 - FNHT Principles 3: Nervous, Cardiovascular, and Musculoskeletal Systems

NUT 5330 - Clinical Applications in Functional Nutrition and Herbal Therapy

Plus 2 additional Elective Courses

Sampling of Elective Courses:

MI 5200 - Survey of Biomedical Informatics

NUT 5030 - Food Policy

NUT 5110 - Foundations of Community Nutrition

NUT 5140 - Nutrition in Aging

NUT 6110 - Pediatric Nutrition

NUT 6120 - Nutrition and Art: A Historical Perspective Through Art

NUT 6900 - Special Topics Courses

PUH 5513 - Public Health Nutrition

PUH 5430 - Epidemiology