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Bachelor of Science in Public Health

Set your goal toward a future in one of the most in-demand fields in healthcare - obtain a Bachelor of Science in Public Health (B.S.P.H.). This unique undergraduate program integrates a health science core curriculum with progressive public health topics influencing populations on a global and local scale today. Students who complete this program will have a solid foundation in public health that is crafted from a combination of hands-on experience and faculty-led instruction.

What You’ll Study

The College of Osteopathic Medicine’s (COM) B.S.P.H. creates the basis for an integrated approach to instruction with ample learning opportunities for interprofessional engagement. Students are guided through the curriculum by faculty and later fully immersed into community-based public health settings during their practicum experiences. Each semester expands the student’s breadth of understanding public health through challenging activities, interactive lectures, local and global outreach opportunities, and guest speakers from the public health sector.

How You’ll Learn More

NSU’s Public Health and COM faculty provide their expertise in areas relevant to public health, such as global health, social and behavioral health sciences, epidemiology, environmental and occupational health, and healthcare systems. The interprofessional experiences of our faculty offer students a realistic look into the benefits, rewards, and challenges of public health.

Unique Opportunities

  • Be a part of the first program in the nation to offer a seven-year dual-admission option in the B.S.P.H./ Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine program.
  • Participate in public health global and local outreach opportunities abroad with NSU-COM faculty and students.
  • Gain real world experience through public health community-based practicum experiences that reinforce the application of public health methods, principles, and practices.
  • Engage with fellow students and faculty in a hands-on environment, facilitating active learning and skill mastery.

Where It Can Take You

Completing an undergraduate degree in public health can open doors to a myriad of career and graduate education opportunities. Students with B.S.P.H. degrees often continue their educational path by pursuing a Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) or a degree in the health professions. This unique program also prepares future physicians through an established track of completing the bachelor's in three years followed by a four-year Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) degree.

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