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M1 Fall Academic Calendar Course Directors

Course campus Director(s)
Gross Anatomy Fort Lauderdale Nicholas Lutfi, M.D., M.S., D.P.M.
Tampa Bay John Roufaiel, M.D., M.S.
Medical Histology Fort Lauderdale Lori B. Dribin, Ph.D.
Tampa Bay John Roufaiel, M.D., M.S.
Medical Biochemistry Fort Lauderdale Ronald E. Block Ph.D.
Tampa Bay Paula Waziry, Ph.D.
Medical Physiology I Fort Lauderdale Wayne Schreier, Ph.D.
Tampa Bay Suzanne Riskin, M.D.
Medical Microbiology Fort Lauderdale Kelly Davis, Ph.D.
Tampa Bay Hoang Nguyen, M.D., Ph.D.
Healthcare Provider BLS and First Aid Fort Lauderdale Darren Cohen, D.O.
Tampa Bay R. Jackline Moljo, D.O.
Osteopathic Principles and Practice I Fort Lauderdale David Boesler, D.O.
Yasmin Qureshi, D.P.T.
Tampa Bay Rohit Mehra, D.O., MPH
IGC Preceptorship I Fort Lauderdale Debra Cohn Steinkohl, MHSA
Tampa Bay Christina Brown-Wujick, Ph.D.
Physical Diagnosis I Fort Lauderdale Rebecca Cherner, D.O.
Noel Alonso, D.O.
Tampa Bay Michelle Johnson, D.O.
Student Wellness Fort Lauderdale Hilda De Gaetano, D.O.
Tampa Bay Manelle St. Hilaire, MPH
Medical Spanish Fort Lauderdale Pamela Moran-Walcutt, D.O.
Tampa Bay Ana Maria Homs, Psy.D.
Community Service Fort Lauderdale/Tampa Bay Debra Cohn Steinkohl, MHSA

M2 Fall Academic Calendar Course Directors

Course Director(s)
Medical Cardiovascular Darren Cohen, D.O.
Medical Endocrine Naushira Pandya, M.D.
Medical ECG Darren Cohen, D.O.
Medical Respiratory Pamela Moran-Walcutt, D.O.
Medical Heme/Lymph Anjali Bhasin, M.D.
Medical Integumentary Shane Williams, D.O.
Medical Musculoskeletal Marc Kesselman, D.O.
Medical Psychiatry Daniel Shaw, Ph.D.
Medical IGC Preceptorship 3 Debra Cohn Steinkohl, MHSA

Medical Foundations and Application Of Clinical Reasoning 3

Gina Foster-Moumoutjis M.D.
Medical Principles of Clinical Medicine 1 Michelle Johnson, D.O.
Tye Barber, D.O.
Medical Osteopathic Principles  & Practice 3 David Boesler, D.O.
Medical Spanish Pamela Moran-Walcutt, D.O.
Community Service Debra Cohn Steinkohl, MHSA
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