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DOctor's Bag Program for early exploration into medicine

Doctor's Bag 

NSU's College of Osteopathic Medicine enthusiastically presents the Doctor's Bag program. Doctor's Bag recognizes the fears children may have with visiting the doctor. Therefore, this program works toward easing those fears of unfamiliarity and helping a child become more comfortable with the doctor. This program is intended to reach children in the local community, from hospitals, preschools, and elementary schools (may range from grades K-2).

Student doctors volunteer to visit the children in the local community. Several stations are setup for increasing awareness of what a doctor does, to teach basic anatomy, and to discuss hygiene with the children. The children will be split into groups and will visit each station. Some of the activities that are included are listed below.

  1. Stethoscopes are available to allow a child to listen to their own heart and lungs. This will allow the child to hear what the doctor hears and realize that a stethoscope is harmless.
  2. Organs are disorganized on a Velcro Vest and the children are allowed to place them back in order. They will be taught basic anatomy and where our food goes when we eat.
  3. An X-ray box will display x-rays for a child to see, and the purpose of taking x-rays will be discussed.
  4. A small skeleton is available for children to see the bones of the body.
  5. The spread of bacteria and the importance of hand washing will be taught.

The timing of this program varies by the number of children and the number of volunteers. It typically lasts about 2 hours facilitated by osteopathic medical student doctors. The program takes place throughout the school year; however the schedule is usually determined at the beginning of each semester. If you are interested in participating in the Doctor's Bag Program, please contact the Office of Student Affairs

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