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Health and Wellness Coaching Program

The Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine welcomes you to the Health and Wellness Coaching Program. There is a growing need for health care professionals to understand and address the relational and systemic tenets of mental and behavioral health and their impact on overall health and wellness. The academic curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Coaching program includes core human nutrition and public health principles in an effort to fully prepare students for a career in working directly with clients, their families and the broader health care system.

Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Coaching graduates will have significant career versatility and will be prepared for myriad positions as health and wellness coaches in community hospital settings, medical systems, fitness facilities, rehabilitation centers, governmental and nongovernmental agencies, humanitarian organizations, corporations, private and group clinical practices, universities, health research institutes and other health care-related services.

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