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M4 Year: Preparing for Residency

M4 Year Resources

You made it to your final year of Medical school.  Choosing a residency is a big decision, and one that creates stress and anxiety for many students. Your residency is important because it’s a time of tremendous growth both in your clinical knowledge base as well as your professional development. Much of what you learn will come from patients. So you must find a program where you are motivated to learn and study about your patients and can become an excellent, caring, humanistic physician, as well as feel happy in your work and home environments.

There’s no one perfect residency that’s the best fit for all students — the best program for you depends on your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and personality. You must systematically approach researching and considering residencies to find programs that fit your individual needs and eventually match to a program and feel relatively happy during your time there.

  • Pass COMLEX Level 2 CE and COMLEX Level 2 PE
  • Register for Match(es)
  • Interview with residency programs (August – November of M4 year). This is a prime time to schedule “auditions” at top-choice programs.  Send follow up correspondence to appropriate individuals.
  • MSPE released on October 1st
  • AOA ROL Submission begins: January 2019 (Date TBA); ROL Deadline: January, 2019 (Date TBA). AOA Match: February, 2019 (Date TBA).
  • ACGME ROL: Submission begins: January 2019 (Date TBA); ROL Deadline: January, 2019 (Date TBA). The Main Match: March 2019 (Date TBA).
  • Secure placement in a graduate medical education program (match or scramble)
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