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M1 Year: Understand Yourself

During your M1 year you will learn and understand yourself. You’re more likely to be satisfied in your professional life if your career matches your interests, values, personality, and skills. In medicine, these characteristics can be reflected in your preferred practice setting(s), patient type(s), medical condition(s), colleagues, and tasks and activities.

To find your fit, first explore who you are and what you want for your life, then identify those career options that will support those goals. Use the Careers in Medicine Self-Assessments to better understand yourself and support your specialty choice.

Use the Careers in Medicine tools to assess the assessments:

  • Focus and prioritize all of your M1 Courses.
  • Reach out to your Society Faculty Advisor and Medical Education if struggling with coursework.
  • Attend Review/Study Tables to get help from tutors.
  • Join specialty interest group(s) associated to explore different medical specialties.
  • Keep a log of all relevant activities and pertinent roles you hold during your M1 year. This information will be used when preparing your CV in the M3 year for your ERAS.
  • Meet with your Career Counseling Advisor each semester.
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