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Career Advising, Networking, Development & Opportunities (CAN-DO)

The goal of the CAN-DO program is to prepare DO students to pursue their most well-suited match of medical discipline/career and to help them secure the residency of their choice.

Peer Mentors, Faculty Advisors, and Career Advisors are available to all students throughout their academic career.

Goals and Outcomes Timeline

M1 Year: Understand Yourself

During your M1 year you will learn and understand yourself. You’re more likely to be satisfied in your professional life if your career matches your interests, values, personality, and skills. In medicine, these characteristics can be reflected in your preferred practice setting(s), patient type(s), medical condition(s), colleagues, and tasks and activities.

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M2 Year: Explore Your Options

During your M2 year you will explore your options. Everything you do and learn during medical school contributes to the total package you submit when applying for residency. However, it's not just the events that take place (e.g., a research project, a leave of absence), but how you handle them. 

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M3 Year: Make the Decision

Now that you are in the M3 year, you've completed the Careers in Medicine assessments, researched specialty options, and narrowed your choices. It's time to bring it all together and make your decision. With all the information at your disposal, you'll need to devise strategies to prioritize your values, interests, and skills.

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M4 Year: Preparing for Residency

You made it to your final year of Medical school.  Choosing a residency is a big decision, and one that creates stress and anxiety for many students. Your residency is important because it’s a time of tremendous growth both in your clinical knowledge base as well as your professional development. 

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