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Student Travel Funding Opportunities

NSU KPCOM encourages student participation in leadership positions with national organizations as well as research presentations. There are several sources of funding for students to help with the cost of attending these meetings.

Student organizations wishing to have representatives attend a meeting, should provide some financial assistance.

PAN SGA has grant money available each term. Applications are available and must be submitted within the first few weeks of the term for travel any time during that term. Your SGA president will notify you as soon this is on line.

The Office of Student Affairs has limited funds for travel which can be requested. We support student research presentations, national officers, and Student Government reps. We also allocate money for a small number of students for general attendance to the AACOM Annual meeting, OMED Annual meeting, FOMA Annual meeting, and DO Day on the Hill in both Washington DC and Tallahassee. Funding is awarded on a first come basis.

  • If funds are available, students will be approved for one meeting per year unless serving as a NSU-KPCOM representative.
  • National officers for specialty organizations will be funded for annual sessions only provided that the organization is providing some funding to attend.
  • National officers for AACOM, FOMA, OMED will be funded for meetings where voting and attendance expected.
  • Students will be funded for one poster presentation per year. Only the lead author and the presenter (if different from the author) will receive funding.
  • Students may apply for one meeting or poster presentation per academic year. If funds are available, consideration will be given for additional requests.
  • When funding is limited to a maximum number of students, approval will be on a first come basis.

To request travel funds, please complete the form and submit it to

Application for Travel Funding

Student Travel Policy Agreement

Students must be in good academic standing (failures cannot exceed 3 credit hours). Applications are not considered until all of the necessary supporting documentation and information is provided so please read the policy carefully.

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