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Nondegree-Seeking Students

A nondegree-seeking student is one who wishes to take courses in the graduate-level public health program up to a limit of 4 courses (12 credits) but does not intend to pursue the M.P.H. degree. The nondegree-seeking student must provide the following in order to take classes in the M.P.H. program:

  • A completed application form
  • Official transcripts
  • A nonrefundable application fee of $50

An application for nondegree status by a student holding a bachelor’s degree or higher will be considered by the admissions committee, after a review of the required records.

If, after taking classes in the Master of Public Health program, a nondegree-seeking student decides to pursue the M.P.H. degree, the student must submit a new and complete application to the program to become a degree-seeking student and must meet all the requirements for admission to the M.P.H. program.

Previous coursework taken as a nondegree-seeking student does not guarantee acceptance into the M.P.H. degree-seeking program.

Graduate students from other NSU programs who elect to take public health courses may do so with written approval of the public health program director.

Please note a student who does not register for more than two consecutive semesters may be withdrawn from the program.

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