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Faculty research

Faculty Research


We contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge, the prevention and treatment of disease, address important national and global needs, and the strengthening of our economy from collaborations with private industry. 


To conduct world-class research, scholarship, and creative activities that develop knowledge and contribute to the social advancement of Florida and the nation and benefit humanity as a whole. Faculty members at the College of Osteopathic Medicine explore every aspect of health and disease, including health disparities and behavioral health population studies of disease prevention and management. Their work has contributed to improved understanding of the cause of diseases and to better treatments and prevention of disorders. The use of inter-disciplinary collaboration is essential to the discovery process and scientists, educators, and clinicians are dedicated to helping each other reach the common goals of improving population health and alleviating suffering from disease.

  • To build and sustain strategic research clusters of excellence that leverage existing university strengths, match well with future directions of the university, offer good career opportunities for university graduates that are of strategic importance to Florida and the nation, and are in areas attracting significant extramural funding.
  • To expand regional, national, and international partnerships with industry, government, and academia in economic development.
  • To emphasize across the targeted strategic research clusters interdisciplinary initiatives that result in nationally and internationally recognized distinctive and innovative sponsored research programs.
  • To foster research partnerships, integrating research programs across campus, and promoting opportunities for collaboration with other campuses of NSU, as well as the not-for-profit and for-profit sectors.
  • To foster systematic integration of the research experience in undergraduate programs, leading to research-based learning in the academic disciplines across the institution.
  • To promote alignment and optimization of graduate programs with respect to the strategic research clusters, including through development of distinctive doctoral programs, and to expand research opportunities and resources that attract and support a robust number of postdoctoral fellows.

HPD Research Committee

The primary mission of the Research Committee of the Nova Southeastern University Health Professions Division is to evaluate research risk and provide a centralized assurance of research safety for all projects involving risk to the Health Professions Division and its components. Our mission also involves assurance of scientific merit for all projects requesting research funding from Nova Southeastern University.

College of Osteopathic Medicine Medical Research Committee

The Medical Research Committee identifies major stumbling blocks to the clinical research process and proposes practical solutions.

President's Faculty Research & Development Grant

As Nova Southeastern University matures, a part of its evolving mission is the development of its faculty. One important faculty activity is scholarship. Through efforts by the University President and its Trustees, a quasi-endowment has been established to support faculty scholarship. The Board of Trustees at the request of the president has allocated $500,000 for faculty scholarship. The president's commitment is to request additional funding to enhance this activity. It is planned to use interest of up to a maximum of 5% being used to enhance faculty scholarship through individual faculty awards. 

Statistical Consulting Center

The Statistical Consulting Center (SCC) is a service and research unit of the Nova Southeastern University’s Health Professions Division, administratively located in the Office of Assessment, Evaluation and Faculty Development.

Its staff provides statistical services to faculty, primary researchers, graduate students and staff of the University.

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