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MSN with Nursing Informatics Track

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Program Goal

The Nova Southeastern University Nursing Informatics track is designed to improve access to patient information at the point of care, and enhance nursing abilities to benchmark, monitor, and audit quality measures with technology and innovation that can affect patient outcomes and higher quality care. Nursing informatics is an integral part of today's healthcare delivery system that applies information technology to the skills of nurses in healthcare and integrates the science of nursing, computer technology and information science to enhance the quality of the nursing practice.

The program is presented in an online format designed for the working nurse and offers practicum experience with M.S.N. prepared mentors. Eligible for the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCCC) nursing informatics certification.

The following will be covered:

  • Information Management Systems
  • Management
  • Data Analysis in Complex HC Systems
  • Leadership Skills
  • Inter Professional Teamwork
  • Outcomes Management

Student Tracking

Semester Course # Course Name # of Credits
Semester I
NSG 5000 Advanced Nurse Roles 3
NSG 5101 Theory & Research 3
Semester II
NSG 5111 Evidence & Practice 3
NSG 5270 Information Management 3
Semester III
NSG 5130 Health Care Policy 3
MI 5130 Database Systems in Health Care 3
Semester IV
MI 5204 Clinical Decision Support Systems 3
MI 5180 Human Computer Interaction in Health Care Settings 3
Semester V
MI 5121 Information Systems Project Management and Leadership in Health Care 3
MI 6410 Consumer Health Informatics 3
Semester VI
NSG 5600 Nursing Informatics Practicum 3
NSG 5610 Advanced Practice in Nursing Informatics 3
Total Credits: 36

Contact Information

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