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Members' Advisory Committee (MAC)

Members of the Lifelong Learning Institute have always taken a keen and devoted interest in the planning and administration of the LLI. To this end, an elected Members' Advisory Committee (MAC) was created in the summer of 2010.

Objectives of this committee include:

  • to act as a strong, direct liaison between the general LLI membership and the official LLI and NSU administrations
  • to develop initiatives and offer advice, suggestions, and support to the LLI administration
  • to assist the NSU Office of Institutional Advancement in creating and implementing plans for raising funds and developing marketing strategies for the LLI
  • to create an LLI members' newsletter
  • to coordinate members' speaker evaluations

2019-20 Members' Advisory Committee

  • Stuart Farber - Chair
  • Ricki Franklin
  • Nancy Green
  • Suzanne Parker
  • Barry Shapiro
  • Dan Smith
  • Frank Stewart
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