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Affiliated Sites

The length of time spent at each affiliated training site will range from 4 to 10 weeks in duration. The institutional needs and clinical focus will determine the length of time that the Correctional Medicine Fellow(s) spend at each site.

Central Florida Reception Center

The Central Florida Reception Center (CFRC) is one of three male reception centers for the Florida Department of Corrections. CFRC’s focus is on intake health screening, medical and mental health classifications, infirmary care, special needs, and chronic disease management.

Lowell Correctional Institution

Lowell Correctional Institution (LCI) is located in Ocala and is the largest female prison facility for the Florida Department of Corrections and the largest prison for women in the United States with a maximum capacity of over 3,000 inmates, including juveniles ages 14 to 18 and adults. LCI offers all security levels from a work camp that allows the inmates to work outside the gates to close security and death row inmates. The focus at LCI is on women’s health, multidisciplinary care, prenatal care, substance use disorder, and preventive care. This prison opened in 1956 as the Florida Correctional Institution and was the first Florida prison for women. In 2009, the Florida Department of Corrections built a climate-controlled facility to house long-term pregnant inmates at LCI.

Reception and Medical Center

Located in Lake Butler, Florida, the Reception and Medical Center is a hospital within the Florida Department of Corrections with a focus on inpatient management, oncology services, dialysis, surgical center, specialty services, and palliative care.

Lake Correctional Institution

Lake Correctional Institution (LCI) is a Level V state prison for men located in Clermont, Florida. LCI is a Department of Corrections facility that has a current capacity of approximately 1,100 adult offenders who are housed in a mix of security levels including community, minimum, medium, closed, and maximum. The focus at LCI is on mental health management, forensic sciences, and re-entry planning. Prisoners may attend substance abuse programs, anger management courses, and various life skills classes.

Polk Correctional Institution

Polk Correctional Institution is a male prison facility for the Florida Department of Corrections with a focus on sick call management, triage, and chronic disease management.

Volusia County Jail

The Volusia County Jail facility is located in Daytona Beach, FL and offers daily admissions and releases, a clinical focus on disease screening, triage, alcohol and drug withdrawal management, medication-assisted treatment, and infirmary management and care.

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