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About D.O./D.M.D. Degree Program

This D.O./D.M.D. Collaborative Degree Program is symbiotic with the missions of both schools. Graduates of the dual program will provide health care that will address preventive medicine and general and general dentistry, as well as access to care issues, and meet the needs of the rural and underserved populations. Applicants to the College of Dental Medicine or the College of Osteopathic Medicine may apply for participation in this collaborative program beginning as an entering D-1 student. The program requires six years of study, excluding medical residency or internship programs. Students successfully completing this program receive both D.O. and D.M.D. degrees.

Policies related to student progress will follow the respective policies of the College covering the primary academic year focus. Should there be conflicting policies, the Dual Degree Program Advisory Committee will convene and recommend a resolution.

Policies related to alleged code of behavioral conduct violations will be referred to a D.O./D.M.D. Student Progress Committee. This committee will include equal representation from both degree programs.

Students who decide to discontinue in the collaborative degree programs may only continue in the program through which they were originally admitted. NSU is not responsible for delays in curriculum sequencing or advancement in the program should the student decide to discontinue in the Collaborative Degree Program and to continue in the program through which they were originally admitted.

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