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Pre-DOc Program

NSU-COM proudly presents our Pre-DOc program hosted by Sigma Sigma Phi National Osteopathic Honor Society. This program provides a fun and interactive environment for high school students to learn and gain direct knowledge about osteopathic medicine. Many high school students are interested in science and medicine, but lack proper guidance in preparation for medical school and their future options. Pre-DOc offers students an opportunity to explore their interests and to talk to medical students that are enthusiastic about their future careers.

Approximately 1-2 times per month, medical students in the Pre-DOc program venture to local high schools to replace regular class time with interactive stations. The first station is an osteopathic education and manipulation station in which the high school students are taught about the osteopathic profession and two medical students demonstrate techniques we learn and use as Osteopathic Physicians. At this station the students can ask any questions about being accepted to medical school, the amount of work it involves, the costs, etc. The second station is the cardiovascular system station in which students are taught the basics of the system and how to listen to heart sounds properly.

In the third station, students learn how to listen to lung sounds and different tests we used to identify specific pathologies. The fourth station allows the students to use otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes to visualize the anatomy of the ear and eye, respectively.

The Pre-DOc program is open to all high school students in Broward County. Generally, program chairs contact high school teachers and/or brace advisors/counselors at the beginning of the school year to schedule a day for us to visit the school. The Pre-DOc program would replace morning or afternoon class periods of one teacher on the scheduled day of visit. If you would like more information or are interested in having this program attend your high school, please contact the following program chairs:

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