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Portugal: Henry Taylor Skidmore, D.O. ('18)

My time in Portugal was a quick and enlightening experience. I was able to travel and see more of this wonderful country than just Porto itself. I highly recommend this location to all students considering an European experience with reservations about language barriers.  The physicians are very proficient in English, Portuguese or Spanish is highly recommended when coming to Portugal as they will help you in understanding local signs, menus and communicating with the patients.  I assume the biggest fear is communication and the language barrier, at the very least, smiling and pointing go a long way. 

Argentina: Courtney O’Brien, D.O. ('17)

I participated in an exchange program with La Facultad de Fundacion H.A. Barcelo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I Overall, I greatly enjoyed my experience in Buenos Aires and could not have asked for a better time. I would recommend this program and rotation to anyone.

Portugal: Romeena Lee, D.O. ('18)

There’s an old quote from a French novelist, Gustave Flaubert where he said, “Travel makes one modest.  You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world”.  This couldn’t any truer of my experience in Portugal. I loved meeting the physicians and medical students, but I mostly loved learning how the medical curriculum in Portugal follows that of America which made the rotation fun.  I loved learning from the patients and telling them about my American dream and my family story.  Most importantly, I validated something I learned a long time ago and have always known to be true in my travels: even though we speak different languages, the language of humanity and compassion remain the same through different cultures and countries.

Austria: Robert Coppola, D.O. ('17)

“My international selective rotation was a fantastic experience that allows the individual to dive into a foreign culture while completing their rural rotation requirements. I would highly recommend engaging in the opportunity to study abroad and suggest this rotation to a colleague who may be interested.”

Slovakia: Meena Bansal, D.O. ('17)

My rotation was at an underserved hospital, Univerzitina Nemocina in Bratislava, Slovakia.  The facility was the oldest hospital in Bratislava, over 100 years old.  The physicians spent as much time as needed with the patients in order for them to understand and feel comfortable with their care.  I had a wonderful well rounded experience and would highly recommend this rotation to other students.

Vietnam: Thang Nguyen, D.O. ('18)

As an immigrant from Vietnam, I obviously have a deep connection to the country of my birth.  It has always been a dream of mine to come back one day to help the people and the country I love so dearly.  I was assigned a light schedule in order for me or any other international student to see Vietnam as a country and not just a medical rotation.  After the rotation I left with a heightened sense of the privilege I have been given by a career in medicine to affect the lives of others lives in a positive way. 

Jerusalem: Daniel Bral, D.O. ('18)

My rotation was an amazing opportunity as I had the chance to see and live in the city of Jerusalem.  Being able to work in a medical system which is government supported was significant for me to experience as until that time I had only known the US medical system.  Jerusalem is the mecca of all the various cultures and religions of the world, I would highly recommend this site for rotations.

Portugal: Gopi Naik, D.O. ('18)

I attended Fernando Pessoa hospital as an international student for one month with two other NSU medical students.  The rotation consisted of (4) 1-week specialties including Urology, Pediatrics ER and Clinic, Geriatrics, Physical Therapy and Internal Medicine.  This was one absolutely one of the best experiences of my medical school career.  During lunch and dinner, physicians would eat with nurses and technicians all together in the same dining hall as did patients and families.  There was always a sense of camaraderie with colleagues and communication between nurses and physicians was always effective and purposeful.  The best advice I can give to future students is to keep an open mind and learn as much as you can about the people, food and culture.

Philippines: Fatima Ramirez, D.O. ('17)

“I rotated at the Philippine General Hospital which is the largest government hospital. My rotation with the pediatric Infectious Disease Team exposed me to very interesting cases of TB that I only remember reading from books. I would highly recommend this and it was refreshing to see the medical team’s resourcefulness and hard work in providing the needs of patients. “ 

Bangalore, India: Ashwini Ajjegowda, D.O. ('17)

“When I first learned about the unique opportunity Nova provided fourth years to take part in an international medically underserved selective, I knew I wanted to work in India. Nova gave me the opportunity to visit my family, explore my birth city, and experience how medicine is practiced in a foreign country.”

Cayman Brac: Foster Scott Lerner, D.O. ('18)

“Cayman Brac offers a unique look at socialized medicine through the British Health Service System, on the uniquely remote, rural and exotic island of Cayman Brac. I took the opportunity to study under the preceptorship of Dr. Srirangan Velusamy, General Surgeon and Medical Director of Faith Hospital. On various days, I observed an ophthalmologist, a dermatologist, and an orthopedic surgeon who were visiting. “

Canada: Benjamin Tan, D.O. ('17)

“I had completed a family medicine rotation at Four Counties Health Services in Newbury in Southwest Ontario that is affiliated with the University of Western Ontario... Because of the rurality, my ambulatory days included a variety of care visits. I had the opportunity to obtain histories, perform physicals and minor procedures, as well as devising assessment and plans.”

Cambodia: Lucy Kahn, D.O. ('17)

“I rotated through Battambang Provincial Hospital in Battambang, Cambodia. I rotated through several departments, including pediatrics, ICU, and trauma surgery in order to get a better understanding of the Cambodian health system. I spent a lot of time in the pediatrics department. I would recommend this rotation for anyone looking to experience medicine in a whole new light and want to develop.”

South Africa: Sara Bloom, D.O. ('18)

“We traveled to Doula, Cameroon and I knew it was a French-speaking country but I quickly realized that I could not get by on my small knowledge of French I had previously learned in school. There was no access to oxygen so all the surgeries were done without general anesthesia. It was amazing to see the bravery of these patients and the skills and composure of the healthcare professionals.”

 Canada: Chaitya Parikh, D.O. ('18)

“Thanks to Nova Southeastern University, I had the opportunity to complete an international rotation in my hometown in Toronto. Being able to interact and spend time in my hometown was very important to me and I was glad I was able to do so. “

Philippines: Justin Limtong, D.O. ('17)

“My desire to do a rotation in the Philippines directly stems from my roots as it is my home. I knew I wanted to give back to my fellow Filipinos. I was greeted with such warm spirits and smiles by the entire staff of Ospital ng Maynila.
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