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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I communicate with my teen while he or she is at camp?

Participants are permitted to have their cell phones with them during camp, although they will be asked to turn them off during sessions. They will be able to communicate during recreation hours.

What makes the AIM HIGHER Camp different from other programs?

AIM HIGHER is unique because it offers interactive educational opportunities geared toward the health professions. Counselors are all NSU medical students and NSU Faculty, allowing participants ample opportunities to learn about the medical school application phase, life in medical school and areas of health specialization. Additionally, AIM HIGHER will focus on the human side of medicine and how empathy plays a role in medicine. AIM HIGHER will provide students with hands on medical experiences, including how technology is increasingly being utilized to diagnose and treat patients and manage disease.

Are medical professionals available to my child while he or she is at camp?

Yes, AIM HIGHER Camp has a clinic onsite.

What are the dining options?

Shark Dining caters to all diets. Campers will have access to fresh salads, prepared lunches. Kosher options are also available.

What does my camper need to bring?

Participants should pack comfortable clothing with shoes appropriate for walking across campus. NSU is a large college campus and sessions will be held all over campus. AIM HIGHER includes a Gala so semi-formal attire will be required for this event. A complete packing list will be available to accepted students under the ACCEPTED STUDENTS link on this website.

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