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Master's program information:
Dr. Kelley Davis
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A non-degree seeking student is one who wishes to take courses in the Disaster and Emergency Management Program, but does not intend to pursue the master's degree at the time of application. A limit of 15 credit hours will be allowed. The non-degree seeking student must provide the following admission requirements in order to take classes in the program:

If, after taking courses in the M.S. in DEM program, a non-degree seeking student chooses to pursue the degree, the student must submit a new, and complete, application to the program to become a degree-seeking student and must meet all requirements for admission into the degree program. Previous coursework as a non-degree seeking student does not guarantee acceptance in the degree program. If accepted into the program as a degree-seeking student, previous coursework may be eligible for transfer toward the degree.

Graduate students from other NSU programs who elect to take courses in the degree program may do so with written approval from the degree program director.