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M.S. in Nutrition

Growing demand for expertise in nutrition means that your master's degree will put you at the forefront of an expanding and vital field that impacts the daily lives of each person throughout the world. A new emphasis on preventive medicine highlights nutrition as a form of primary care and intervention for chronic diseases. Nutrition professionals are here to stay. Health care reform in the 21st century is integrating nutrition care in healthcare throughout the life cycle. 

What you’ll study

After mastery of core courses in nutrition, you'll choose a track in either sports nutrition or community nutrition. Clinical observations develop your real-world skills, and elective courses expose you to emerging topics. A collaborative, interprofessional environment at NSU also broadens your horizons. Contact the program office for more information.

How you’ll learn more

A hybrid online and on-campus program exposes you to best practices across a spectrum of technologies. The mostly online format gives you flexibility to work around your busy schedule, and in-person workshops and meetings with advisors establish a network of support. A capstone project funnels your energy into an area of expertise and accomplishment.

Where it can take you

Nutritionists and dietitians enjoy a job growth rate that is faster than other health care disciplines, and the outlook for the coming years is very promising. Even beyond traditional settings of schools and hospitals, nutritionists are finding meaningful work in corporations, athletic departments, and food production centers. An aging population and increasing attention to diet for all age groups is creating high demand, and managing disease and chronic illness remain constant challenges that need attentive professionals.