Membership in the LLI

Membership at the LLI is based on a flexible structure with a variety of plans to meet individual needs. Members can join for a full year, half-year and on a trial basis.  Trial or half-year memberships can be converted to a full membership with pro-rated fees.

Type Membership Rates*
Annual – Single $550
Annual – Couple $900
Half-Year – Single $410
Half-Year – Couple $570
Trial – Single (one month) $100
Trial – Couple (one month) $150
Registration Fee (one time only, per person) $25

*Scholarships and payment plans are available on a case-by-case basis. The NSU LLI is committed to making lifelong learning affordable to anyone interested in attending our classes.

Membership Benefits

For more information, please contact the LLI main office at 954-262-8471 or