The D.O. Program Admissions Office will communicate via email with applicants upon receipt of ACOMAS Application requesting completion of the NSU Supplemental Application. In addition, applicants are invited to view their application status on NSU WebSTAR. An applicant will not be considered for an interview until all required documents are received, i.e. ACOMAS, NSU Application, MCAT scores and letters of evaluation.

Interview Selection

Applicants chosen for interviews must be academically prepared and have demonstrated an interest in medicine through clinical, community service and/or research activities. Those selected for interviews are invited by email from the D.O. Program Admissions Office. A confirmation email will provide an agenda and other important information. Local travel, overnight accommodations information, parking, and other details to enhance the applicant's visit can be found on our website. Applicants may view their status at anytime on the NSU WebSTAR.

Interview Day

The Candidate Experience is a full day and includes: