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Stacey Pinnock, M.S.W.

Director of Interprofessional Education
SEAMIST Project Director
(954) 262-1819


  • Public Health


  • Geriatric Education Center
  • Interprofessional Education and Practice (CIPEP)


  • HOPE

Stacey serves as Director of Interprofessional Education for the GEC. She received an undergraduate degree in Health Sciences from University of Western Ontario and a Masters in Social Work from University of Toronto. During her Master's degree, she was a participant of the Interprofessional Collaboration Program with the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute where she first learned the importance of interprofessional collaboration in patient-centered care. Prior to joining the GEC team, Stacey worked in public health in Ontario, Canada both at the provincial and regional levels in areas of health promotion and chronic disease prevention. Specializing in program planning and evaluation, her projects have focused on community mobilization and health literacy for ethnic minorities. Stacey's social work experience consists of working on the stroke unit at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and by practicing as a home care social worker, conducting in-home assessments of client needs and providing therapeutic counseling and coping strategies to help clients manage various challenges due to changes in their health status.

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